Holiday Bizarre: Quickies! 22-23

It’s almost Christmas, These speak for themselves… #22 A John Water’s Christmas From the man who wrote and directed; Pink Flamingos, Hairspray (1998) and Crybaby (One of my favorites) Comes a handpicked Christmas compilation. This one’s really good though: Full … Continue reading

Holiday Bizarre #21: Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas

I’m kind of still in shock that I found this Christmas album; I think it’s the weirdest one that I’ve featured here. This is a Christmas album, sung entirely by The Cryptkeeper (John Kassir.) Somewhere some one thought the world … Continue reading

Holiday Bizarre #19: A Very Scary Solstice

Christmas needs more Cthulhu! The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society delivered with this wonderful novelty CD inspired by Lovecraft’s stories and set to traditional Christmas music. The great old ones would approve. The songs draw not only on Lovecraft’s characters but … Continue reading

Holiday Bizarre #16: Holidays in Dementia

In high school a friend of mine introduced me to the Dr. Demento show and I was in love. It was my first exposure to novelty music and since I’ve become somewhat of an addict. My old favorites from the … Continue reading