My Top 9 Favorite Black and White Music Videos

EDIT: My top 8 Favorite Black and White Music Video’s OOPS!!!

I really wanted to write something tonight but as I’m still working on several things I plan on posting soon I decided to do something fun while keeping with the theme around here. Now I’m slightly obsessed with the lack of color combination that is black and white. You would stand amazed at my black and white patterned converse collection alone, just got another pair yesterday. (squee!) I love black and white so much I’ve dedicated this site to it.

I was kind of shocked as to how rare the black and white music video is and it makes sense as to why. It is harder to get the same fast visual impact on a viewer without using color. They have to depend a lot more on texture, shading and light play to get a unique look. When it is done right; however the impact can be lasting.

Sadly Men Without Hats never made a music video for “Jenny Wore Black” but if they had (and it would have to be in black and white) just imagine that it would be at the top of this list.

9. Bjork- Big Time Sensuality

There are some that may disagree but Bjork is this low on the list simply because I never really got into her that much. There is something about her that just kind of annoys my ears when I listen to her. This song however is an exception. In the video Bjork’s whole big-eyed innocent thing really works and her hair is just so fricken cute. I think I tried for like 3 weeks pulling my hair out trying to get it to look that way. Never worked. The cityscape in the video looks so beautiful and interesting in black and white and it contrasts nicely with her all white figure.

8. White Town- Your Woman

What is it about this song? When I hear it I just want to start dancing. The music video plays off of the silent film era. The video is slightly confusing but don’t worry there are signposts that will help you find your way.

7. Apocolyptica Featuring Nina Hagan- Seaman

I’ll be the first to admit that Nina’s voice has seen better days than this. She does manage to pull it together though and when she starts hitting higher notes it becomes almost pleasant to listen to. But it still makes my throat hurt. This video however is stunning. Nina looks great (she’s got skulls on her boobs) and the black and white is done just perfectly. I really like how the band is shadowed and the brightness of the lighthouse in contrast with its surroundings.

6. Nick Cave- Red Right Hand

Stereotypical I know. Let’s try and remember that just because a song happens to be overplayed and slightly cheesy it doesn’t mean it’s a bad song. Nick Cave has such a strong presence; he fits right in with the shadows. This video genuinely creeps me out with some of the imagery and effects that it employs which is weird because there are no inherently scary things happening here it’s all about the ambiance.

5. Depeche Mode- Strangelove

“I’ll make your heart smile.” This is one of my all time favorite songs to dance to, I can get down too Dave! Mostly I love this video for the little dancing scenes and the boys do look good in their shiny jackets. The scenes with the model kind of creep me out but not enough to stop loving the video. Embeds disabled sadface. Watch it here!

4. OMD- Pandora’s Box

This is a video featuring clips from the 1928 film “Pandora’s Box” starring Louise Brooks. I don’t know about you but I have had that haircut at least a few times. The song was also inspired by Louise Brooks and named after the movie “Pandora’s Box.” The video is visually interesting and the clips add to the quality of the video. They blend with the modern scenes featuring OMD and ends up tying the two together nicely.

3. Peter Murphy- All Night Long

Oh what is there to say about Peter Murphy? He is a musical god after all. This is a video from Murphy’s solo career which is not as highly recognized as his work with Bauhaus. But his voice is to die for no matter what he is singing. He looks wonderful with fog surrounding him and this is one of my favorite songs.

As a side note my daughter also used to love this song when she was 5 or so, she would sing along with it in the car.

2. Sister’s of Mercy-Vision Thing

This video is creative in the way that it uses the black and white along with special effects to make you interested in what you are seeing even though you can’t really tell what it is that you are looking at. It’s kind of like you are hiding in a closet trying to catch a seconds worth of a glimpse at something really interesting that’s going on but you never get there. This video also really likes to play with inverted black and white, which can be very visually effective. It also has some great one-liners and quotables in the actual song it certainly does not hold back on lyrics.

Those motherfuckers and their motorcades…. * shakes head *

1. Bauhaus- Telegram Sam

Note to all you skinny guys out there: buy some eyeliner and some black skinny jeans, dye your hair black (bleached blonde?) and you will have more women than you can handle. That’s just a thought for you. Such is the power of Peter Murphy Mmm..

So funny story, in my head this video is in all black and white not just in parts. So I wrote this blog planning this to be my end song but turns out upon a re-watch that it’s not all in black and white and my head was wrong. I’m lame I’m aware. This is MY blog so I guess I’m only cheating myself. Oh and you the reader J. I hope you don’t mind and hopefully after you watch this video it will be black and white in your head too. Forgive me please!

Continuing on, this video is everything goth should be it’s a cover song and I don’t even care to learn who sang it first because it is just too damn good.

I’d love to hear about your favorite black and white (or color) music videos, if you disagree with my choices just remember I could have ended on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”