Kids Shows You May Remember (That No One Else Does): Wee Sing in Sillyville

The colors are at war! And it’s up to two kids who jump into a coloring book and a crazy woman by the name of Silly Whim to reunite the color groupings and save Sillyville. And we all know the very best way to unite groups of people who hate each other is through song! OK, this is not technically a show but it weighed heavily on my childhood and I know very few people who have actually seen it. It was an hour long video that was part of a series but this is the only one I ever saw. My Grammy owned this and I had a little sister and thus I was forced to watch it every time we visited. I won’t lie though, even though I was really too old for it I loved it any way and only on the rare watch did it get old.

So the plot is as I wrote it above. The children enter the coloring book because their dog Barney figures out he can magically transport via a Blue’s Clue’s time portal. They encounter Silly Whim, who is dressed all in black and white (my kind of woman.) She goes on to explain that she has lost her color because the “colors” are not getting along. So in the land of smiling rocks they set out to reunite the colors so we can all get along. They go so far in trying to get the moral across in this that they have to turn the kids invisible so that their clothing of many colors will not offend the color groups.

We then get to meet the color groups (one by one of course); The yellow Spurdlegurgles, The Red Bittybooties, The Green Jingleheimers, The Blue Twirly Pops and Purple Pasha; the only character that doesn’t hold a color bias. My favorite was always The Blue Twirly Pops; awesome name and also it is my life goal to see 3 old men all dressed in blue-standing in a town square-singing “Finnegan Begin Again.” The colors are mostly unimpressed with the kids attempts at reuniting the rainbow, I blame the kids though; even for 1989 these kids are pretty cheesy. The songs from all of the characters make this 100% bearable enough. The Fruggy Frogs, the Twiddle birds, the Roly-polies and you cannot forget The Wump , they are some of the cuter and more memorable characters. The tree was the only one that kind of creeped me out.

All works out in the end * SPOILER ALERT * Silly Whim fakes an injury and reunites the colors, her outfit then magically is rainbowized (she really shoulda stuck with the black and white). Ending arguments with lies is pretty much always the way to go. But the question I bet you are all asking is did Barney make it? Barney will live!

I think I may have gone over my parenthesis quota for this (sorry about that.) Till next time; Be kind to your web-footed friends!