Holiday Bizarre #20: Midwinter Graces

Completed by Tori Amos and released in 2009. What I love about this album is its lack of religious undertone. The Holiday season can be pretty severe against people who may not share the same affinity for Christianity as the majority of the population. Just today I had a customer at work. I said to him “Happy Holidays” and he yelled back annoyed “No, Merry Christmas.” I will never understand the reasoning behind the anger against people who may have a differing faith than you. In this album, Tori mentions God exactly 1 time and mentions Christmas only in the bonus track. Instead of what you’d expect to get from a Christmas album, Midwinter Graces delivers a beautiful winter theme that is all encompassing and can be enjoyed by many different people from different backgrounds. Tori Amos has said that she prefers to think of this as a Solstice album rather than a Christmas album.

I love Tori Amos but even I have to admit that I haven’t really gotten into anything since Boy’s For Pele. I picked this up when it came out last year and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. There are 5 original songs on the album as well as covers of old traditional songs that have been left out of our current comprehension of Christmas music today. Tori succeeds in making them her own, changes words and sings them with a renewed spirit. It is an incredibly beautiful addition to her already impressive discography.


Holly, Ivy and Rose
Star of Wonder
Candle: Coventry Carol
Winter’s Carol


Snow Angel-This song was disappointing; it was released as a free mp3 on Amazon as publicity for the album in 2009. This was bad song choice; it doesn’t give enough credit to the content on the rest of the album and is easily the weakest track.

Full Track Listing:
What Child, Nowell
Star of Wonder
A Silent Night With You
Candle: Coventry Carol
Holy, Ivy, and Rose
Harps of Gold
Snow Angel
Jeanette, Isabelle
Pink and Glitter
Winter’s Carol
Our New Year

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