What’s in a Name?

So, if you are actually reading this you might be thinking to yourself “Hey, what does Jenny Wore Black mean, and why is it the title of this blog?”

First I might say; “who are you and why do you care again?” And then I would say, “just kidding” and clue you in. Growing up in the 80’s with the name “Jennifer” is just as annoying as you may think it is. Given that my name changes from Jen, to Jenny to Jennifer all depending on how many other people named Jennifer are nearby, personal choices not withstanding, for now it is Jenny (there is already a Jennifer and a Jen at work). I don’t hate my name by any means it has just had some unfortunate connotations that will not die. By this I’m referring to the constant barrage of Forest Gump jokes and Tommy Tutone references. I cannot go one day without hearing one or the other. I mean Jenny is a popular name, used in lots of songs and movies but these two for some reason really decided to stick.

There however is a shining glimmer of hope to find a reference to my name that I can tolerate and that is the song “Jenny Wore Black” by Men Without Hats. Men Without Hats remember? The Safety Dance? Got it. OK.  I also really enjoy the song, not just because it contains my name but also because of what the lyrics mean to me.



  • JennyWoreBlack

    Yes of course! Thank you very much for the well wishes, Love you too.